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Make a statement without saying a word...

Selecting the proper frames for your face, prescription and lifestyle can be overwhelming in a traditional optical shop. Our licensed opticians and seasoned frame stylists will help you select the best frame for your needs with the look that you want. 

Don't be fooled by our clean and minimalistic look; we have hundreds of frames for you to chose from.  We take a personalized approach and work with you through the entire process.

We don't have a doctor on staff so you simply bring us your prescription and we'll do the rest.   You can also email or fax us your prescription and we'll save a copy for when you're ready.   Click here to email your RX.


We are "out of network" for most insurance companies so we can help you with any paperwork that you need to submit.  The decision not to work with insurance was an intentional one.  This allows us to provide you the latest technology in lenses and the highest quality frames on the market.  

the shop
The Shop

"it's not how you feel, it's how you look and you look marvelous"

It IS about how you look, but it's also about how you see...

All of the frames that we carry are produced and designed by independent eyewear companies.  What this means is that the designers who design our products don't design handbags, cars, jeans, shoes, hats or anything else- they know optical and they know fashion and using the highest quality materials available, they create stunning pieces of fashion that are also function.   Click here to see which collections we feature.

Your glasses are a medical device and while that should be remembered when purchasing them, they don't need to look like one.

Lens technology is constantly evolving and it's our job to stay on top of this.  We work with the best labs in the country to ensure that you're in the best possible lens for you.  


Depending on your lifestyle, you may consider more than one pair of glasses.  We offer specialized lenses such as:

the products
the staff



Licensed Optician

Garrett worked for Opt a few years back, until one fateful trip to Europe where he met and fell in love with his now wife Laura.  We couldn’t be happier to have him back!


Garrett brings a love for the fashion of the frames, combined with a fresh perspective and knowledge of the cutting-edge advances in lens technology.  He takes the time to work with you to find the perfect frames and the best lenses for your individual needs.




Jessica & Jed are both sales reps traveling the east coast selling glasses to shops just like Opt Eyewear.  This gives them unique insight and perspective into all that's going on in independent eyewear and in small businesses.  They are committed to providing the highest quality products and supporting the local economy and community.

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