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Kids Glasses- Frame the way they see the world

Kids Glasses


At Opt Eyewear, we recognize the physical differences children encounter in their school environment, where everything is designed for their smaller stature. However, outside of these spaces, they must adapt to the taller world around them. This underscores the critical importance of the shape and fit of your child's glasses. Many kids' frames are merely downsized versions of adult shapes, resulting in children peering over their glasses as they navigate their surroundings. In essence, ensuring a lower bridge, more lens space for looking up, and scheduling regular adjustments can significantly enhance your child's learning experience and overall well-being.


Kids can be rough on everything! That's why we only carry frames designed to withstand the rigors of a child's life. Our kids' frames come with either a "lifetime" warranty (approximately 2 years) or a 2-year warranty, with available replacement parts. Unlike other kids' packages elsewhere, if a temple breaks, you won't need to replace the entire frame. The bottom line is to invest in quality upfront to save on long-term costs.

Sports Goggles

Just as children don't wear the same shoes for every activity, they can't wear the same glasses either. This is especially crucial for kids because injuries during childhood can have lasting consequences as they grow older. We offer sports goggles for kids and adults tailored to all types of activities. The bottom line is to protect your child's eyes, whether they require prescription eyewear for sports or not.


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