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Why We Love East Side Cheese

Jeff and Angie DiMeo opened East Side Cheese & Provisions in 2023, and their signature charcuterie boards have been a staple of every event at Opt Eyewear ever since!

The variety of meats, cheeses, nuts and more are so beautifuly displayed, they've been known to inspire people (including this girl right here) to take a crack at making them on thier own to bring to parties. This is somewhat of a PSA- LEAVE CHARCUTERIE BOARDS TO THE PROFESSIONALS!

  • First off, the selection of meats & cheeses they offer can't be found at any other shop but theirs.

  • Second, if you think "I can make something close with things from Whole Foods", you're definitely in over your head! To have the variety of one of their boards, you need to buy enough food to feed a few hundred people.

  • And finally, whatever type of culinary genius/ artistic prodigy you fancy yourself, attempting to replicate an East Side Cheese board could honestly cause irreversible psychological damage.

They're so much more than cheese! East Side Cheese & Provisions has chocolates, crackers, potato chips, pastas, nuts, drinks and more that you can't find just anywhere. My favorite finds are a salt from Ibiza that we found on vacation in the Caribbean a few years ago and their Foie Gras potato chips.

And on top of it all, they're really fun and great people, so this is why we LOVE East Side Cheese & Provisions!

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